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Leverage HSBC’s international network to do business around the world with confidence.

From guarantees, to open account trade finance, and more – our safe, secure and flexible trade finance options are designed to benefit both importers and exporters. Importers get the working capital they need to keep sales and supply chains moving, while exporters have more predictable cash flows with payment assurances and faster access to funds. Our customisable trade related insurance products also provide protection against financial and physical losses and help mitigate the risk of doing business internationally.

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Import & export solutions


Get access to the working capital you need to keep sales and supply chains moving smoothly while also putting your organisation in a better position to negotiate favourable terms by offering suppliers payment assurances backed by HSBC.


Get faster access to funds for more predictable cash flows, re-investing proceeds quickly to support the sales and supply chain. Manage trade risk effectively with payment assurances and solutions designed to protect your interests, as well as your customers’

Open Account

For buyers and suppliers trading on open account terms, HSBC offers a range of safe, secure import and export finance options.

Receivables Finance

Trade on open account terms with confidence and turn receivables into cash faster by collecting a percentage of invoices upon issuance.


Conduct business with confidence, even where you lack established relationships.


Explore our industry insights and banking capabilities in a simpler way.

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