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Finance for Open Account Trading

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If you are trading on open account terms, see what financing options are available.

Features and benefits

Provides import finance to buyers or traders operating on open account terms, without the need to issue a Documentary Credit (DC)

Provides export finance to suppliers or traders operating on open account terms, without the need to obtain a DC from buyers

Types of open account finance

  • Post-shipment Buyer Loan (“Previously named Clean Import Loan”) – rather than being triggered by the receipt of a Documentary Credit or Documentary Collection, the advance is made on presentation of supplier invoices and evidence of shipment only
  • Post-shipment Seller Loan (“Previously named Clean Export Loan”) – simply submit your invoice and a copy of the shipping documents
  • Receivables Finance – if you are selling on open account terms and need a solution for financing, credit protection or collection, learn more about our Receivables Finance solution

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