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Receivables Finance

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If you are selling on open account terms and need solution on financing or collection, check out our Receivables Finance options.

Features and benefits

One-stop hassle-free solution for trade receivables in multiple currencies, including RMB

Tailored solutions for businesses trading on open account terms

Another way to get finance when a buyer no longer issues Documentary Credits (DCs)

People to follow up payments on your behalf

Protects you against buyer default or insolvency

Effective ledger management

How it works

  • You sign an agreement with HSBC
  • You provide goods or services to a customer and invoice them
  • You send the invoice to us
  • You have access to standby funds up to an agreed percentage of the invoice value
  • When and how you use these funds is entirely up to you
  • Either HSBC or an overseas representative under our supervision will collect the sales proceeds from your customer
  • When the invoice is paid, you receive the balance

Other solutions

  • Allows you to raise cash against your invoices
  • No need to wait months for payment
  • Enables you to concentrate on running your business
  • You can receive cash up to an agreed percentage of eligible invoice values
  • Funds are available the next working day
  • Improves cash flow
  • No need to increase your overdraft as your business grows
  • Allows you to respond quickly to new business opportunities


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