Liquidity, liability and investments

Increase the efficiency of your operations by managing cash on a portfolio basis across more than 50 markets around the world. With HSBC’s global liquidity solutions you will have access to a range of self-funding, deposit and investment techniques. HSBC’s liquidity solutions will be tailored and restricted to be fully compliant with local market regulations that may limit or restrict the availability of some of the services described below. HSBC’s approach combines a high level of consistent service and information, which enables us to configure our services to integrate easily with your organisation’s existing ERP and treasury management systems, as well as your key processes such as payable and receivables.

Managing Risk

With access to our credit and lending services you’ll have customized solutions to address funding requirement ranging from short-term working capital requirement to medium-to-long term capital expenditure. Our structured trade and import / export finance solutions are also available to help you mitigate counterparty risk – enabling you to expand into new markets with greater confidence. Our Global Markets Team would provide tailor-made Foreign Exchange (FX) solutions, leveraging on our global footprint and deep expertise, to manage your FX exposure using transactional, or hedging strategies that best aligned with your business objectives.

Receivables Finance

Do business with buyers on open account terms safely and securely around the world. Turn receivables into cash faster to enhance forecasting by collecting a percentage of invoices as soon as they are issued. Available in most major currencies, including RMB, you may have access to the entire amount available, or you can draw down only what you need to cover day-to-day expenses or provide early payment to suppliers. HSBC takes over collections, freeing your staff and further helping protect you against buyer default.

Global payables

Use our global payable solutions to simplify processes by making paper-based and electronic domestic and international payments quickly and easily. Using our global payables solutions, you will be able to manage expenses and payments more effectively, while also minimising your exposure to payment fraud. Reconciliation is also faster, which can help further streamline payments management.

Global receivables

Improve the way you manage working capital by streamlining and enhancing visibility of your receivables. Our comprehensive range of global receivables solutions is backed by our global presence and local knowledge. As a result, HSBC could help you manage your entire collection cycle with greater speed and efficiency, including the physical collection of funds, data processing and information delivery. That means your team can focus on maximising business opportunities and other important projects that add value to your operations.