Credit and Lending

Get access to a range of long and short-term loans designed to meet the specific funding requirements of your business. Use our lending and credit solutions to finance capital investments and business growth, and obtain working capital to improve your cash flow, or manage day-to-day expenses more effectively. Our specialists have a wealth of experience customizing lending programs to suit the requirements of all types and sizes of organizations.


Keep your sales and supply chains moving smoothly with HSBC’s Import solutions. With a range of options including Import Documentary Credits (Letters of Credit), Bills Received Under Collection, Loans and Shipping Guarantees – HSBC will help you improve cash flows by giving you the working capital you need to bridge the gap between settlement with suppliers and payment from buyers. You will also put your organisation in a better position to negotiate favourable terms by offering suppliers payment assurances backed by HSBC.


Take advantage of HSBC’s wide range of Export services to meet your financial objectives and manage risk exposure. Get faster access to funds for more predictable cash flows, and re-invest proceeds quickly to support your sales and supply chain. Streamline processes by leveraging our expertise in local markets around the world to ensure documents are compliant before submission. Manage trade risk effectively with various payment assurances and solutions designed to protect your interests – enabling you to strengthen customer relationships by extending payment terms while enhancing your own working capital.

Receivables Finance

Do business with buyers on open account terms safely and securely around the world. Turn receivables into cash faster to enhance forecasting by collecting a percentage of invoices as soon as they are issued. Available in most major currencies, including RMB, you may have access to the entire amount available, or you can draw down only what you need to cover day-to-day expenses or provide early payment to suppliers. HSBC takes over collections, freeing your staff and further helping protect you against buyer default.