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Collaboration across the Greater Bay Area – HSBC supports Hengan Group’s sustainable development

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Sustainable transformation of supply chain and production line plays a key role in facilitating China’s efforts towards its ‘dual carbon’ goals. During this transition process, a finance solution that aligns with the company’s sustainable development goals could help businesses to reduce their operating costs, improve production efficiency and reduce the environmental impact in manufacturing process.

Through collaboration between HSBC Macau and HSBC China, we provide a tailored-made sustainable financing for Hengan Group’s subsidiary in Macau, a leading household paper manufacturer in China. HSBC provides them with expert advice in sustainable development and green project governance, and helps them integrate sustainable development into daily operations and production lines. This green trade finance facility supports Hengan Group’s overseas procurement of the wood pulp raw materials that are certified by the "Forest Stewardship Council" or "Chain of Custody", as part of their supply chain and manufacturing process.

Public awareness of personal hygiene has increased under the pandemic. In response to growing consumers’ demand for high quality hygiene products, we’re committed to exploring a sustainable path of production to improve our product and support China to meet its dual carbon goals.

Martin Li | Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer, Hengan Group
Founded in 1985, Hengan Group has expanded their production chains and global reach. At present, it has established production bases and sales operations overseas with products exported to 63 countries and territories around the world. HSBC has been working with Hengan Group since 2012 and supporting their international expansion.

HSBC’s China Desk network is present in 26 locations with global coverage in over 40 markets. Through connecting with local teams in other markets, the China Desk managers support China-headquartered companies in achieving their global ambitions, while building strong customer relationships and understanding their needs. Through cross-market collaboration, we provide Hengan Group with a tailored sustainable finance solution under HSBC GBA Sustainability Fund that aligns with their sustainability development goals.

We strive to help businesses realise their sustainability and global expansion ambition, and supports the modernisation of the financial sector in the Greater Bay Area.

Grace Suen | Head of Wholesale Banking, HSBC Macau

As China’s economy is bouncing back and cross-border business activities are resurging, Chinese businesses seek to expand overseas and build more sustainable supply chains. With our global presence and China Desk proposition as well as our ESG expertise, we’re well placed to connect Chinese businesses with greater international opportunities.

Joseph Ma | Executive Vice President and Country Head of Commercial Banking, HSBC China

With our expertise in sustainable finance and global coverage, we will continue to support businesses navigate the net-zero transition and achieve their global ambitions, in contribution to the development of China’s economy.

Today we finance a number of industries that significantly contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. We have a strategy to help our customers to reduce their emissions and to reduce our own. For more information visit

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